Managing your day-to-day operational cash flows is critical to the success of your business enterprise. Regardless of however impressive your profits might be, an inability to manage the simple intricacies of your cash inflows and outflows can essentially damage the health of your company.

That being said, most entrepreneurs find it exceedingly mundane to regularly analyze their financial records, and choose to procrastinate as long as trouble is out of sight. And before you know it, you might find yourself in serious peril, deeply regretting your decision of neglecting your business’s cash flow model. However, if it seems like a challenge for you to keep a tab on your cash flows, you might want to check out our secrets to better cash flow management for your business. Here they are.

Keep an eye on your burn rate

Negative cash flow or burn rate as it is commonly referred to as is an important variable that accounts for your business’ regular expenditures. A high burn rate might be indicative of unstable finances and an early warning suggesting that you might be in for a major budget shortfall in the foreseeable future. It is imperative that you keep an eye on your business cash flow.

Liquidate your assets

If you have excess inventory or equipment that is no longer in use or has become obsolete by current technological standards, it is a good idea to sell it off and free up your capital tied up in a non-profitable component of your company. Hoarding non-functional inventory or equipment not only take up valuable office space but also keeps depreciating in terms of its resale value.

Establish your breakeven point

Your break-even point is the amount of revenue your business needs to achieve in order to cover for all the fixed and variable costs to the company. It is important to find out your breakeven point to have a good idea of your short-term financial goals and manage your profits well.

Forecast your future cash flows

While most business owners find it rather irrelevant, forecasting your future cash flows is a sure shot way of succeeding in the corporate world. By setting realistic future goals for your business, you are not only deciding an acceptable benchmark for your company’s performance but also allowing yourself to strategize a better cash flow model in case things do not go as predicted.

If everything else fails, borrow

While it is natural for the business owners to be hesitant at the prospect of borrowing and allowing more credit to pile up, you must actually weigh your pros and cons before shunning the very idea of procuring a loan. Look at the bigger picture and analyze whether or not it is a smart decision to turn down a massive business opportunity just for the sake of not having to deal with loan interests!

Also, hiring an accounting expert for bookkeeping purposes will go a long way in ensuring that your cash inflows and outflows are well taken care of and you do not encounter any financial glitches on your way to entrepreneurial success.

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